We are always happy to help


Chloe Neilsen
Donor Relations and Database Coordinator

08 6151 0772

You can contact Chloe if you would like to make a donation, ask a question or change your personal details or mailing preferences. Chloe can also help you replace a misplaced receipt.


Lauren McDermott
Donor Relations Officer

08 6151 0720

You can contact Lauren if you would like to give the Perkins feedback (good or bad!), make a donation or ask a question. Lauren can also help to update your personal details or preferences.


Ann MacLiver
Planned Giving Advisor

08 6151 0745

You can contact Ann if you are interested in leaving a gift to the Perkins in your Will. Ann can answer questions you might have, arrange for you to visit the Perkins and provide you or your Solicitor with any information you may need.